Creating an Organized Plan for Loved Ones

Whether you wish to obtain a foundational estate plan (Will, Power of Attorney, and Medical Directive/Living Will) or require additional complex planning services involving Trusts, Guardianships, and Farm/Small Business succession planning, Attorney Covalt is available to assist you every step of the way.

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Proactive planning is one of the greatest gifts you can leave your family.

As we work together to develop your estate plan, here are just a few of the questions Attorney Covalt will help you answer and account for in your unique estate plan:

  • Who will take care of my loved ones if something happens to me?
  • Who will make my health care decisions if I am incapacitated?
  • If I am severely disabled, who will manage my personal and financial affairs?
  • Who will be the guardian of my children if my spouse and I pass during their childhood?
  • How will my family pay my debts if I am gone?
  • Will they be able to keep the house?
  • Will my heirs fight over my estate?
  • Do I have enough liquidity to pay death taxes?
  • Who will take over my business? Will my life’s work be sold?
  • Do my loved ones know how to access all of my accounts?
  • I pay all of my bills online, how will my debts be settled?
  • I want to make a gift to charity; how can I make sure that happens?
  • I love my blended family; but how do I make sure my kids receive their inheritance from me if I pass from this life and my spouse remarries?
  • One of my loved ones has special needs, how do I preserve assets for them?

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