The Administration of an Estate is time sensitive and complex.

The fiduciary duties involved in handling the administration of a loved one’s estate are vast, complex, and time sensitive. Assets must be marshalled, debts must be paid in the appropriate order, and taxes must be filed – all before any assets may be safely distributed to the heirs of an estate.

Covalt Law

The process can certainly be overwhelming, but not if you have the right guidance. Attorney Covalt will assist you every step of the way in handing your loved one's estate, including:

  • Reviewing your loved one’s estate documents
  • Determining whether the estate should be probated
  • Opening the estate and obtaining letters of authority & short certificates
  • Marshalling Assets
  • Advertising for Creditors
  • Paying off the decedent’s debts in the appropriate order
  • Filing of death taxes
  • Distribution of the Estate
  • Assisting with the change of ownership/title paperwork
  • Closing the estate

Sometimes, litigation can be necessary

Unfortunately, there are also circumstances in which a family finds themselves concerned over the mishandling of the decedent’s assets; whether such misappropriation occurred during life or after death. In those circumstances, Attorney Covalt is able to assist her clients with such concerns and disputes by reviewing each set of unique circumstances with her clients, explaining the law and obligations placed upon fiduciaries (such as agents, trustees, and executors), and articulating the avenues for relief; whether it be by family settlement agreement or litigious action.

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